Jewellery Care

  • Jewellery tarnishes much faster if it’s left out in the open and exposed to oxygen. We recommend always keeping them in a closed protective box or in the velvet pouch it came in.

  • Avoid storing your jewels in an area that is humid. To protect the quality and durability of your jewellery, avoid contact with water; remove them when in the shower, swimming pool or when engaging in heavy exercise.

  • To prevent body oil and lotion build up on your jewellery, clean and polish and remove all oils from your jewellery with a soft cloth when undressing to keep it looking beautiful.

  • Avoid contact with chemicals or perfumes regularly to prevent tarnishing. Although, if your jewels do come in contact with water, just dry them off directly.

  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight, sunlight exposure can cause the color to change over time.

  • To clean your jewels, you can wipe them with a lightly wet cloth and soap. Proceed by drying them off with a dry cloth directly after.